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Cross Sections
& Star Points
Cross section variations
At Left are three tips with thin, water starved ribs. These are only 2" diameter compared to the more common 3-4" laying next to them.

Old tall plants are even thicker in diameter than 4" near the ground.
Five, Six, Seven, Eight...
San Pedro may have 5 lobes, or star points, but may also have 6. I have some with 7 points and others with 8. The most lobes I have seen is 9.

Transformation lobes
A section will spontaneous change to more lobes if it wants to. I have seen a 6 pointed section suddenly mutate to 7 star points as it grows taller.

Perhaps these extra star points are awarded as the San Pedro graduates from one spiritual level to another. Who can say?
Typical fresh cut cross section of a 7-pointed star. This should be allowed to dry for a week or two before planting to prevent rotting of the part in contact with wet earth.

This is a nominal size piece. Some older sections are larger and there are smaller ones. They will dwarf when budding under stress from low water. I have seen specimens only an inch in diameter that grew from discarded logs which were not watered.
How do you measure diameter?

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