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A stand of plants that are related, grown from the same "mother", will flower simultaneously. Even if the family members have been split up—some planted in another location—they will still flower simultaneously.
(Above) Cut sections will flower after cutting. Sounds bizarre and it is. Even more strange is to witness a cut log spontaneously flowering.
(above) Hair like tufts form into flower stalks.

Sometimes all my Trichocereus flower in June, other years they flower several times from Summer to late Fall. The older plants tend to flower much more than younger ones. New plants may
not flower at all for years until they mature.
Flowers are so fragrant that I snap the stalks from the main limb, then place clusters of them in tubs with water.
They only last 1-2 days whether you cut them or not. So I enjoy their perfume in the house while they last...
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