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"I sell the highest quality San Pedro  cuttings and plants money can buy"

ebay & Google Checkout sales only—no private sales

• Shipping to USA—not foreign countries

• Google Checkout or ebay PayPal—
no money orders
• I sell the highest quality cuttings and plants money can buy.

• My San Pedro, Bridgesii, and Peruvianus are from authentic lines tended for decades and propagated only by cuttings to ensure absolute purity of the strain. (Some Peruvian Torches are seed grown and so noted)

• Prices are wholesale—for experienced landscapers & collectors. Retail prices are double what I charge.

• All orders ship next business day after payment.

• Professional packing material is used to ensure damage free arrival.

• Due to many problems over the years I no longer sell privately (off ebay), no longer accept money orders, do not make "discount deals", etc.  Please do not email me requesting an exception.

• If you believe you can buy better cuttings & plants—for less money—with another seller then please do so. That is not an arrogant dismissal—rather a promise about the value I give to my customers.

You are free to:
Pay a freight forwarding company to arrange export to your country.

Find a friend with a PayPal account and pay them to buy for you through their PayPal account.

Locate another seller with whom you may negotiate "discounts, lower shipping rates", etc.

Why no money orders?
Why no private deals? Why no discounts?
Why no shipping to Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc.?
I've been on eBay since 1998
During those 8 years online I've had a lot of experiences. Imagine that instead of raising great plants and shipping them that I spent my time answering endless private emails from "maybe I'll buy from you if..." type inquiries. I only have time to raise my plants and sell them to people ready to pay for them. There simply is not time to privately correspond with strangers who seem to only want special deals but never actually buy anything. I grew tired of waiting for money orders weeks after everyone else paid by PayPal; tired of endless email requests for "special prices/deals" without any dollar amount being offered—or offers far below market value—tired of giving shipping estimates for strangers who never made a purchase, tired of requests for international shipping & Customs.

I learned that my real customers simply buy and I ship. They are happy and I make a sale. Many customers are repeat buyers and I enjoy dealing with them.
Email:  zircon6@matthewhenson.org

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