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Log Propagation Page 4 - Horizontal logs with tips
Vertical is used to create new plants that look normal.
Horizontal logs root along their length and may have the edge with a better root system. I'm really not sure. The tips shown below were harvested in the fall for rooting over the winter into new, blemish free plants.
Vertical log propagation
Whenever a section of Trichocereus is cut it will bud to form a new growing tip.



One month later
One, two, or three tips may grow from a cut section.

Here you can see that three bubs had previously been harvested as new plants. Yet another bud is forming. This section is from a large diameter, very old and mature limb.

One month later
Also a very old, mature limb.

Because it is budding the end is being rooted. It will make an interesting specimen as the section is so large.

Below is the same log but 6 months later.

Same log as above, 6 months later.
Cool, huh?

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