Easily add email and/or "ship to" addresses!
Select your "ship to" address at ebay checkouteven Darth Vader can do it!

Look how easy this is! Even old Darth Vader can do it. He's got an Empire to run, a DeathStar to command, so he only has a minute to spare.

Logon PayPal, select the Profile menu as shown.
All Darth has to do is click Add

Then he can have eBay items shipped to his Palace on Oberon, or to the Death Star, etc.

Darth can even send stuff to Princess Leia and Hans Solo for their birthdays.
Now all Darth has to do is select a "ship to" address when he checks out on eBay He can ship stuff to any address listed in his Imperial Overlord PayPal account.
That's a helpful feature for an evil Lord who has to conquer the galaxy.