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How fast do these plants grow?
They double and even triple in size each year. People have actually sent email declaring me a liar; shouting at me that a Peruvian Torch can't grow this fast.

I hope to show you this as proof; large root systems produce large plants. If you want big cactus give them big containers. Small root systems create the Bonsai effect.

Use living soil as described on this site. Roots depend upon a relationship with soil microorganisms to feed them. More...
Rooting out of season (over winter cuttings)
Cuttings root fastest in the spring as nature surges out of the dark winter months. If you try to root cuttings as I do in an unheated greenhouse, before spring, they will often go dormant until spring arrives. If you have a heated greenhouse and lights, etc. you may have different results than I do. My "out of season cuttings" sit in cold soil waiting for the weather to warm up and the days to grow longer. The interesting thing is that as long as they sit vertically in soil they won't wither or etiolate. They just wait for spring.

Can I grow in my region?
Sunrooms are a good way to grow year round even in areas where it snows.  More...
Winter Shipping advice

"Will my cactus freeze during shipment to me?"
Well, 99% do not; but that is because my customers first check for sub-freezing temps across the nation at the US Weather Service. Ask for a shipping "Hold" if you see that Hell is freezing over...We ship year-round so its no trouble.

The amazing Wild Andes Peruvian Torch
These are cuttings from the actual plants growing in the wild somewhere in the Andes mountains of Peru. Seed was collected by the man shown in the photo. He sent it to me from Peru and I began germination in California back in August, 2007.

Today I still have a few dozen specimens to sell. Others have been planted in the earth to grow as stock plants for, one day, harvesting cuttings to sell. Right now I only have seedlings as shown for sale on eBay. July 2012


Repotting a skinny neck wild Andes
These guys grow in an expanding column "club shape". I keep repotting to deeper containers while burying the neck so it will transform into stem tissue. By 24" tall you should harvest tips to start as new plants, allowing the base to grow offsets.

These grow faster and faster as they have more skin to photosynthesize with. You just have to keep up with up-potting to 4, 6, 10 gallon containers. In a couple of years yours should be taller than you are, extra columns popping up with the central one thick as your leg.

Varieties of seed grown Peruvian Torches (an essay)
November 2010
Buying rare cactus seed can be a frustrating experience. How do you know that the seller really made sure the parent plan was one worth saving its seed? Was it accidently cross pollinated with another Trichocereus in the neighborhood?  More...

How do you keep the soil from falling out?
Packing secrets revealed! Yes, it takes more time and effort but you receive a healthy, happy plant that will love you like a new puppy. Only without all the mess & noise.

Photos of specimens available
Some of the finest Peruvian plants money can buy

Comparison of varieties
The 2008 batch of cuttings has rooted.

What size flower pot should I use?
Your eBay plant can grow as big as you want it to!

Fastest growing Peruvianus
Nothing comes close to the rapid growth of this fat monster. Sometimes a I have one or two to sell on eBay. You have to sign up for eBay's "My favorite Searches" in your account.

Lets check on the crop of cuttings
Roots may take months; you have to check for root buds, mist in the evening, and lightly water ones with buds to encourage fine root formation.

Cut off that tip!
Your plant can easily by propagated. San Pedro were born to take cuttings. Cut off the tip and she'll pop up with 1, 2, 3, or 4 new ones.

How to repot your plant
Here is how to do it.

How to mix potting soil
You may not have access to home made compost but you can make good mixtures from stuff sold at Home Depot or Lowes.

Poor planties get root bound
You can make your eBay San Pedro happy with a larger container filled with new soil. Then you'll have happy planties!

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